Johnny Depp, Liar and Star of Chocolat, Doesn't Even Like Chocolate

Kelly Conaboy · 04/10/15 12:05PM

Hollywood is full of liars. They'll tell you "let's do lunch" when they don't want to do lunch. They'll tell you "I love your idea" when they think your idea is not good. They'll tell you you're not beautiful enough when you are beautiful inside and out. But perhaps the biggest liar in Hollywood is: Johnny Depp.

Lauren Conrad Is a Goddamn Liar (Just My Opinion) 

Allie Jones · 01/28/15 04:22PM

Lauren Conrad may seem like a harmless pile of jewel-toned tank tops layered, one on top of the other, into the shape of a great gal who just wants to live her dream of designing bold statement necklaces and reasonably-priced headbands for Kohl's®, but please sit down and calmly listen to what I am about to tell you: She is actually a G.D. liar who can't even be honest about what her favorite metallic hue has always been.