Freeheld Screenwriter Says Film Was Sanitized by Studio: "We Can Still Be Fags and Dykes"

Rich Juzwiak · 11/11/15 01:54PM

Freeheld, the Oscar-bait gay-rights drama in which Julianne Moore and Ellen Page played real life lesbian couple Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree, came and left theaters in October after grossing a little more than $500,000. At last week’s Vanguard Awards, hosted by the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Freeheld’s screenwriter Ron Nyswaner (who also wrote Jonathan Demme’s 1993 AIDS drama Philadelphia) described an unnamed “recent gay-themed project” that became watered down through compromise and fear. “The main characters were turned into Lesbians with lower case l,” he said.

Kristen Stewart's Mom: Mirror Doctored Quotes About Kristen's Sexuality

Allie Jones · 06/16/15 04:07PM

In an interview with The Mirror published Sunday, Kristen Stewart’s mother Jules confirmed what the tabloids have been speculating for months: Stewart, last linked to fellow vampire Robert Pattinson, is now dating her personal assistant Alicia Cargile. “I’ve met Kristen’s new girlfriend, I like her. What’s not to accept? She’s a lovely girl,” Jules said in the interview with contributor Sharon Feinstein.

​The Disney Channel Finally Introduces a Gay Couple

Lacey Donohue · 01/28/14 12:50PM

While Macklemore was celebrating "Same Love" and ho-baggin it up at the Grammys, The Disney Channel was also celebrating its own cleaned-up version of same love. On Sunday night's episode of the family sitcom Good Luck Charlie, a lesbian couple—the network's first-ever same-sex pairing—was featured arriving for a playdate at Charlie's house.