Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors: When Was Rob Really Invited On the Armenia Trip?   

Mariah Smith · 09/21/15 04:15PM

This Sunday, Keeping Up With the Kardashians returned to E! for its 11th season. Today, keen-eyed Kardashians scholar Mariah Smith returns to Gawker for her second season. Every week, Smith uses paparazzi photos, gossip-blog coverage, the family’s own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and common sense, to investigate, and establish a detailed and accurate shooting schedule of Keeping Up With the Kardashians—laying bare the distorted timelines and manufactured plotline of America’s royal family. Welcome back for another season of Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors.

Rolling Stone's Ode to Kim Kardashian's Proud, Bleeding Vagina

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/01/15 01:43PM

Noted attractive person Kim Kardashian is the driving force behind many successful businesses, the star of a hit television show, and the new false god of tens of millions of Instagram followers. This month in Rolling Stone, she is also a “jungle Aphrodite escaped from a forest of big-booty nymphs,” whose “creamy thighs bestride an entire nation.” Her vagina, says Rolling Stone, is one of the few in pop culture “to smell and bleed and pop out babies.” Earthy. Powerful.

What Was Kris Jenner Doing Last Night?

Allie Jones · 06/24/15 10:38AM

Kim Kardashian, who is currently pregnant with the perfect boy child of her choosing, had quite a night last night. The weary celebrity complained on Twitter this morning about an anonymous, naked, drunk woman who woke her from her sleep last night by banging on her hotel room door (naked and drunk):

Kanye West Literally Am a God, Chose Sex of Upcoming Child

Kelly Conaboy · 06/24/15 09:05AM

Did you know that right now, in 2015, if you have enough money, you can choose whether you have a boy child or a girl child? It’s true, apparently, and Kanye Kardashian and Kim West reportedly did it to ensure their new baby is a boy.

Kim Kardashian Used to Snitch on Paris Hilton to Tabloids

Allie Jones · 06/17/15 12:50PM

Kim Kardashian’s origin story has, at this point, passed into legend: Before Ray J, before Kanye, before Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, she was the personal assistant to the original sex tape star-cum-reality-TV personality Paris Hilton. But how did she climb her way past her old boss? According to a dirt-filled new Buzzfeed story: By spilling tea on her to tabloids.

Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors: How Long Has Kim Been Pregnant?

Mariah Smith · 06/02/15 09:51AM

If recent months have taught us anything, it’s that the Kardashians—a family whose daily comings and goings are documented more thoroughly than the Obamas’—are able to conceal secrets more securely than the most secret shadow branches of the C.I.A., until such time as TV ratings require their reveal. This week, the world learned that Kim Kardashian was pregnant. But when did Kim Kardashian learn that?

When Did These KUWTK Scenes Film? Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors

Mariah Smith · 05/26/15 10:35AM

In a conversation on Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, eldest sister Kourtney brought up her stepfather Bruce Jenner’s announcement that he is transgender and planning to transition. A totally normal topic, given that she ostensibly just learned about this in last week’s episode—except the conversation broadcast on Sunday was actually filmed last November, while Jenner’s announcement to his stepdaughters was filmed two months later, in January.

Kim Kardashian Totally Knows What Kanye West Is Talking About

Allie Jones · 05/20/15 08:17AM

Kanye West: he’s always talking about something, but what? If you’re not sure, maybe you should ask Kim Kardashian. Last night, Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush asked Kim whether or not she’s a fan of her husband’s famous “rants,” and if she, you know, gets them. Kim explained:

Kris Jenner Is Here to Protect the Kardashians' Hard-Won Costco Respect

Allie Jones · 05/08/15 10:50AM

The New York Times Magazine published a highly-entertaining profile of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner today, for which writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner spent a day on the set of Keeping Up With the Kardashians at the sprawling Jenner manse in Calabasas. Brodesser-Akner got to sample one those salads the Kardashians are always eating and use Jenner’s special-order black toilet paper. She was not permitted, however, to join Jenner on a filmed Costco trip:

All the Times the Kardashians Pretended Kylie's Big Fake Lips Were Real

Allie Jones · 05/07/15 11:13AM

Last night, E! released a teaser for an upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode where 17-year-old Kylie Jenner reveals she’s had lip injections. Anyone who’s seen a photo of Kylie in the last year could have told you that, but the Kardashians have gone to great lengths to keep it just another sweet family secret.

Anti-Fur Activists Surprise a Beaming Kim Kardashian by Screaming at Her

Dayna Evans · 05/06/15 10:24AM

On Tuesday afternoon, selfie queen and alleged animal murderer Kim Kardashian graced a New York City Barnes & Noble with her esteemed presence, in order to sign copies of her new book of vanities, Selfish. While the line began forming on Monday night, that didn’t stop several animal activists from patiently waiting for hours to speak their truth to the star. Animal NY published video of the incident.

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Awards For Kim Kardashian Selfies

Dayna Evans · 05/01/15 02:55PM

[Note: Some of the photos below are NSFW]: When you are Kim Kardashian, every year—1998, 2012, 40 A.D., the future—is a good year for you. Looking out over the hills of Calabasas or the boulevards of Paris, your kingdoms, both, you can feel proud of all you have wrought. Fame for you has expanded like a waist freed from a waist trainer, and in 2015, your notoriety continues to grow.