Come Hell or High Water Katy Perry Is Going to Buy This Goddamn Convent

Gabrielle Bluestone · 09/29/15 11:30AM

Famous person Katy Perry once recorded a song called “Faith Won’t Fail,” a cursory google search for “Katy Perry+sin” tells me, which is ironic, I guess, because she’s currently embroiled in an escalating legal battle with a group of nuns who think she’s immoral.

Taylor Swift Apologized

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/23/15 11:15AM

Someone—Taylor’s PR team, maybe?—realized this dumb Twitter fight with Nicki Minaj was making everyone not named Katy Perry look bad.

Madonna, Gaga, Katy Perry Dig Their Nails Into Each Other at Met Ball

Allie Jones · 05/05/15 09:40AM

The photo above shows Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry sitting quite close to each other at the Met Ball last night. Did you know they have all been feuding for years? Probably not, but don’t worry—they’ve now decided they need each other.

Diplo Is a Dick

Sam Biddle · 02/12/15 02:35PM

What happens when your ideas of male coolness are unquestioned from 9th grade into your late 30s, and you're rewarded with great fame and wealth no matter how obnoxiously you behave? You become Diplo, the music industry's preeminent DJ and foremost prickwad.

Sorry, Taylor: Katy Perry and John Mayer Back Together at the Super Bowl

Allie Jones · 02/02/15 02:47PM

This will not sweeten the almond milk in Taylor Swift's Monday morning latte, but we must report that Swift's ex-boyfriend John Mayer went to the Super Bowl to support Swift's sworn enemy, halftime show performer Katy Perry last night. Missy Elliott (personal relationship with Swift unknown) posed for a photo with the on-again couple, who were dressed up like a normal person and a football, at an after party.

John Mayer Is Hot Now and Katy Perry Noticed (They Had a Sleepover)

Allie Jones · 01/06/15 09:02AM

You know that feeling when you break up with John Mayer and you promise you'll never hook up with him again, but then you see him at a friend's dinner party a year later and you're like, dang!? Katy Perry does, because on Saturday night, John Mayer reportedly came back to her house and stayed until 4 p.m. the next day.