What's Going On With Giuliana Rancic's Bizarre Departure from E! News? 

Allie Jones · 07/09/15 10:04AM

In a statement released via E! News this morning, spray-tanned baton Giuliana Rancic announced she’s leaving her longtime post as E! News anchor. She will, however, stay on as a red carpet interviewer and as co-host of Fashion Police, the doomed show on which she made a racist remark earlier this year. Wait what?

The Real Reason Kathy Griffin Left Fashion Police

Rich Juzwiak · 03/18/15 10:10AM

Comedian Kathy Griffin is taking a stand. After a seven-episode stint, she quit E!'s reliably savage roundtable gabfest Fashion Police with a socially conscious flourish, calling herself a feminist whose positive message didn't "fit with the creative direction of the show."