The Real Reason Kathy Griffin Left Fashion Police

Rich Juzwiak · 03/18/15 10:10AM

Comedian Kathy Griffin is taking a stand. After a seven-episode stint, she quit E!'s reliably savage roundtable gabfest Fashion Police with a socially conscious flourish, calling herself a feminist whose positive message didn't "fit with the creative direction of the show."

Where the Hell Was Joan Rivers in the Oscars' Remembrance Slog?

Leah Finnegan · 02/22/15 10:53PM

The Oscars never forgets to honor its dead with an outsize, syrupy montage embedded somewhere in the last half of the broadcast when most of the audience is drunk or sleeping. This year there were many personalities to be remembered: Robin Williams, Mike Nichols, a few marketing directors that were likely important in some way, and for some reason Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Multimillion Dollar Suit: Joan Rivers Died After Unauthorized Surgery

Jordan Sargent · 01/27/15 01:10PM

Yesterday in a Manhattan court, Melissa Rivers filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic and doctors who were operating on her mother, Joan, when she unexpectedly slipped into a coma and died. According to the suit, which you can read in full below, Rivers' death was caused by an unauthorized biopsy performed by negligent and inattentive doctors who should have been able to revive her.