Jimmy Kimmel Is Hot Now

Jordan Sargent · 09/04/15 11:45AM

Have you been paying attention to Jimmy Kimmel lately? I hope not! There are much better things going on. Anyway, let me update you on some Jimmy Kimmel news: you might want to fuck him now.

Adam Levine: A Tasty Beignet!

Dayna Evans · 05/07/15 08:50AM

The lead singer of The Maroon 5 Band, Adam Levine, was exiting a building after an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday when a fan nearby had an idea: This guy needs a little sweetness in his life. He keeps asking for it in that song I hear literally everywhere that I go.

Shia LaBeouf Was a Drunk-Ass Mess When He Got Kicked Out of Cabaret

Aleksander Chan · 10/14/14 08:42AM

Professional public spectacle Shia LaBeouf was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and pursuant to the celebrity debacle news cycle, he recounted his June night of drunken misbehavior like it was a hilarious anecdote that anyone could relate to. His story of that night involves: The World Cup, drinking, chasing down a homeless marine, more drinking, being invited to see Cabaret, even more drinking, groping a man's ass, more drinks, and spitting on a cop's shoe.

Kimmel's Roast of Matt McConaughey Was Funnier Than the Emmys Intro

Aleksander Chan · 08/25/14 07:39PM

During a welcomed reprieve from host Seth Meyers' snoozy jokes, Jimmy Kimmel raised the question we've all been pondering leading up to the Emmys: Man, I can't believe bona fide Movie Star (and Academy Award Winner) Matthew McConaughey is going to be at an awards show...for television.

​The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Is Finally Here and It's Awesome

Lacey Donohue · 02/19/14 10:23AM

Jimmy Fallon might be getting all the late night attention this week, but his new competitor Jimmy Kimmel has one thing Fallon doesn't. Thanks to ABC's direct ties with Disney and therefore Marvel, Kimmel was able to air The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night.

Breakdowns: Mark Wahlberg Graduates High School With The Class of 2013

Beejoli Shah · 09/17/13 03:49PM

Mark Wahlberg could have been your classmate if you were a graduating senior this year; Jimmy Kimmel is a C.R.E.A.M. loyalist—except that for Kimbo, Costco Rules Everything Around Him; and Julie Chen, despite her best efforts to be a white girl, still just looks Chinese.