Jennifer Aniston Is Fine, Married

Kelly Conaboy · 08/06/15 12:30PM

It looks like Jennifer Aniston may be more fine than ever. TMZ reports the former Friends actor, who is fine, and her fiancé Justin Theroux, actor who played Carrie’s boyfriend on one episode of Sex and the City, have finally tied the knot.

Jennifer Aniston Is Like a Sweet Grandmother to Selena Gomez

Allie Jones · 06/23/15 03:35PM

Jennifer Aniston—who is still engaged, yes, but not pregnant, no (thank you for asking; it’s fine)—has a lot of friends. Friends who get Oscar nominations; friends who are her hairstylists; friends who proposed to her over two years ago but don’t seem to want to set a date; friends who were on Friends; friends who are so much younger than her it’s insane. One of those friends recently spoke to a radio station about her relationship with Jen.

A Drunk Driver Wrecked Jennifer Aniston's Front Yard, But It's O.K.

Allie Jones · 03/16/15 10:18AM

As Jennifer Aniston knows both personally and professionally, sometimes things don't go your way. It's not anyone's fault, and you know, even if it was someone else's fault, you can't control other people, so what's the point of getting all upset? Not everything has to be so perfect all the time. Anyway, TMZ reports that a drunk driver plowed into Jennifer Aniston's carefully-manicured front lawn this weekend and wrecked it.

Not-Oscar-Nominated Actress Jennifer Aniston Is Here  

Allie Jones · 02/22/15 11:25PM

Host Neil Patrick Harris welcomed Selma star David Oyelowo and Cake star Jennifer Aniston to the stage this evening with these words: "It's my pleasure to welcome two people who absolutely deserve to be here tonight: Jennifer Aniston and David Oyelowo!"

We Told You First: Jennifer Aniston Is Fine

Allie Jones · 01/21/15 10:00AM

The Hollywood Reporter confirms our scoop that Jennifer Aniston is, indeed, fine. The new issue promises a close look at all of the things Jen is O.K. with, including but not limited to: "her struggles with anger, her dyslexia, that Oscar snub," and her dead dog tattoo. "I know I have a bigger purpose," Jen says. She's fine.

Jennifer Aniston Is Not Going to Torture Herself

Allie Jones · 01/15/15 09:50AM

The 87th Annual Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and Jennifer Aniston did not receive one for her buzzed-about role in Cake, despite a long media campaign that culminated in a Golden Globes nod. How is Jen? Jen tells E! News she is "not going to torture" herself. Jen is fine.

No One Believes Jennifer Aniston But She's Fine She's Fine She's Fine

Allie Jones · 01/09/15 02:06PM

Before you ask—and not that you were going to (Why would you, because she's O.K.)—Jennifer Aniston is O.K. SHE'S FINE. I don't see what the big deal is, and Jen definitely doesn't see what the big deal is, not because she sometimes "fails to see things," but because she's good and fine. And if you should happen to read one or several interviews in which Jennifer Aniston sounds not O.K., maybe you need to take a moment and interview yourself about why you're always acting like people aren't O.K. and judging them, when they're telling you they're fine, and they're fine.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Have the Opposite of Cold Feet

Kelly Conaboy · 06/26/14 10:19AM

Jennifer Aniston—sad, old witch who has only her fame, beauty, talent, and money to keep warm the section of her finger where a wedding ring would go—and Justin Theroux have been engaged for nearly two years. Two years! Does that mean they have—deep breath—cold feet?

Breakdowns: Clarissa Explains It All About Her Celebrity Make-outs

Beejoli Shah · 11/06/13 10:49AM

A kiss from Melissa Joan Hart could really ruin your career; Rachel gets The Rachel, even though she really used to hate The Rachel; Harvey Weinstein is already scheming for 2016 to back the president with the most pull at the Mars Chocolate Company; and CBS is still so mad at Dan Rather.