Did James Franco Kiss You Yesterday? 

Allie Jones · 03/04/15 09:30AM

Somebody please call my internist, because I am coming down with a horrendous case of who's that girl: The Daily Mail reports that actor James Franco was spotted with a "mystery woman" on a date at the MoMA in New York City yesterday. A Mystery Woman! A woman from the shadows.

How The Interview Performed Against Sony's Leaked Internal Projections

Jordan Sargent · 12/29/14 03:27PM

The ongoing saga of North-Korea comedy The Interview—cancelled, un-cancelled, and finally released onlineseemed to enter its final stages yesterday, when Sony announced that the film had grossed $15 million from online sales and rentals, to go along with $2.85 in box office revenue. This is being hailed as a success that might save film division head Amy Pascal's job. But in looking at Sony's own internal projections for the film, it's hard to reach that same conclusion.

Leaked Emails: Sony Execs Scared of "Desperately Unfunny" Interview

Sam Biddle · 12/15/14 11:07AM

The prevailing (though likely wrong) theory behind Sony's recent hack-disaster is North Korean revenge, a national strike against the studio for its movie depiction of Kim Jong Un's assassination. And according to leaked emails obtained by Gawker, Sony executives were worried about the flick even before they got hacked.

The Spring Breakers Sequel No One Wants is Coming

Jordan Sargent · 05/07/14 10:23AM

Whether you think Spring Breakers is a perfect accident or vapid nonsense, you probably are not especially excited about this news: 2014 will bring a Spring Breakers sequel from an entirely different group of people.

The Case That James Franco and His Teen Sexter Are Hoaxing Us All

Lacey Donohue · 04/04/14 04:08PM

Earlier this week, poet, teacher, and award-winner James Franco was apparently caught propositioning a 17-year-old girl for a hotel sleepover when images of his Instagram messages were leaked online. But did he really try to bang a teen Scot? Here, we outline the compelling case that Franco is pulling a hoax.

Breakdowns: The Anchorman 2 Cast Sang "Afternoon Delight" In Sydney

Beejoli Shah · 11/26/13 01:09PM

Fans at the Sydney premiere of Anchorman 2 were in for a surprise musical snack from the stars of the movie; Chris O'Dowd will die at the hands of James Franco; if you have Time Warner, you can finally watch Homeland anywhere you want, but why would you want to?; and Kanye West's plan for being a major designer is by first backing Adidas.

Breakdowns: Seth Rogen Is Naked On James Franco's Bike In Bound 3

Beejoli Shah · 11/25/13 01:33PM

James Franco and Seth Rogen have far more sexual chemistry on a motorcycle than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will ever have; Family Guy mourned a loss last night; The Beastie Boys are going to fight for their right to not have their music used in commercials; and the sad Brittany Murphy saga carries on, as her mother releases an open letter today.

Breakdowns: Spike Lee Took All Your Money For No Reason Whatsoever

Beejoli Shah · 09/18/13 09:00AM

Generation Y is the reason Jack Nicholson can't have nice things. The Dads creators defend racism because upsetting entire ethnic groups is super LOLs y'all! And Spike Lee keeps raking in grants even though he has begged us all for millions.

Anonymous · 07/16/13 04:37PM

If you've been looking for a reason to hate The Mindy Project, James Franco's two episode story arc this season ought to do it. He'll be playing Dr. Paul Leotard, a "former professional fashion model" devoted to helping pregnant women.