Rapper the Game Invites You To Look At His Big Dick

Rich Juzwiak · 10/30/15 01:05PM

West Coast rapper the Game has a dating show whose first season wrapped earlier this month, a new album out, and a whole lotta dick. Yesterday, he showed it behind the skimpiest of shorts on his Instagram:

Kaley Cuoco Is Sorry to Disappoint 

Allie Jones · 10/15/15 01:40PM

Though you can watch them together every Monday at 8/7c on CBS, Big Bazinga co-stars Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are NOT secretly dating, despite some gossip reports that said they were. Horse friend Kaley put rumormongers on blast last night by stating clearly on Instagram that she and Johnny are “just the best of buds.”

Lindsay Lohan Mixes Up Her Beautiful, Ass in Arabic 

Kelly Conaboy · 04/21/15 05:20PM

Oh, Lindsay. Poor, sweet Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan—semi-famous young woman who is just trying to take every day as it comes—attempted to post an image on Instagram this afternoon of the words “You’re beautiful,” written in Arabic. Instead, she posted an image of the words “You’re an ass,” written in Arabic.

I Never Thought I'd Have to Teach Michael Bublé How to Use Instagram

Dayna Evans · 04/17/15 12:00PM

On Monday, Michael Bublé, a man beloved by aunts for reasons that I am still not entirely clear on (he plays piano...?), uploaded the above photo of himself smiling like a potato with a sphincter. In the background was a woman with a sumptuous derriere. He captioned it:

Is Rihanna Doing Coke In This Video?

Jordan Sargent · 04/14/15 11:57AM

There's an important debate happening today on Rihanna Twitter: Does a video recently posted to Instagram show the Barbadian singer preparing to inhale a line of what is assuredly the finest Colombian white? Judge for yourself.

Porn Star on Drake's Thirsty DMs: "The Whole Thing Was Cringeworthy"

Jordan Sargent · 01/26/15 02:45PM

Drake is the gooberest cool rapper on Earth, and the following story will only further cement his goober legend. Last night, in an interview with a Miami sports radio station, Mia Khalifa—the number one ranked porn star on Pornhub—told a story about someone who is almost definitely Drake sliding into her Instagram DMs, to send her a series of enthusiastic messages she described as "so cringeworthy."

Lena Dunham Explains at Length How She Confused Lil Jon and Lil Wayne

Sam Biddle · 01/26/15 10:20AM

Millennial actress Lena Dunham recently "deleted Twitter" because she is "trying to create a safer space for herself emotionally." Now, Instagram is her choice of platform for sharing her thoughts with the world. Today, Dunham explains at length on the photo-sharing platform the non-racist way she confusing Lil' Jon with Lil' Wayne.