Sarah Silverman's No Good Very Bad Failed NBC Pilot Is Now On YouTube

Beejoli Shah · 10/22/13 12:11PM

The only thing better than watching the fall TV season's rodeo of failures is getting your hands on failed network pilots—the first episodes of the shows that didn't quite make it to air. Comedian Sarah Silverman just released her failed NBC pilot, Susan 313, and given that this pilot was beat out by a show about a veterinarian and his pet monkey that lasted six episodes should tell you all you need to know about just how abysmal it was.

It's Because You're A Cunt, Harris

A.J. Daulerio · 08/20/13 01:16PM

Writers, by nature, are passive-aggressive, easily agitated creatures prone to taking their work too seriously. Those with the "thickest skin" (or "hide" if you're more literary-minded) have developed this imaginary armor usually through repeated bouts of public criticism and have learned to compartmentalize some of their glaring shortcomings by either a) correcting them or b) ignoring them. Both are successful tracks, usually, and those with the most impenetrable outer layers tend to develop immunity and go about their business accordingly, blissfully aware of their station in life.