Taylor Swift Threatens "Rage Fest" at Grammy Awards

Allie Jones · 02/03/15 09:45AM

After not performing at the Super Bowl last weekend, Taylor Swift announced on Tumblr that she will not be performing at the Grammy Awards this weekend. To be clear: there were no public performances from Taylor Swift last weekend, and there will be no public performances from her this weekend. She will, however, engage in a "rage fest."

"Grammy Night Kicked My Ass": When Party Crashing Fails

Linsday Maharry · 01/27/14 08:20PM

Saturday morning I awoke poolside at my favorite place to stay in Los Angeles—a cheap, hidden, gay, clothing-optional gem—feeling inspired by the previous night's revelry. On Friday I'd spent the evening at a pre-Grammy concert featuring performances by Gavin DeGraw and Dan Wilson, the man behind Adele's mega-hit "Someone Like You." I'd shed a tear when Bonnie Raitt played "I Can't Make You Love Me," and I woke up feeling like I wanted to start a band. Instead, I did the exact opposite: I had lunch with a room full of lawyers.