Here's a Supercut of People in Movies Watching Movies

Anonymous · 07/17/13 06:24PM

Have you ever noticed how many movie characters work in film / video stores / go to movies / talk about Hollywood? Some people say this happens because Hollywood is one big old circle jerk and that everyone who makes movies loves movies. While that’s probably true, there’s also the possibility that people in movies are just like us and maybe it's just really hot outside. But masturbatory or not, movies sure do spend a lot of time on movies.

Dan Harmon Is Still A Total Dick

Anonymous · 07/17/13 12:19PM

Dan Harmon talks to The Hollywood Reporter in the latest issue and one thing is certain: he’s still a total dick. Fired in May 2012 as the showrunner for Community, Harmon went on a Tumblr rampage against NBC, seemingly burning every possible bridge in town. But he’s now been asked back for the fifth (and most likely final) season of the show, thanks to Harmon’s inexplicably large online fan base as well as star Joel McHale.

Robert Downey Jr. Made $75 Million This Year

Anonymous · 07/16/13 05:32PM

Forbes released their list of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors today and it’s even more proof that your life is not going as planned. Using some magical equation that involves talking to agents, producers, and “other people-in-the-know,” the wizards at Forbes are able to estimate the annual earnings of the industry’s biggest stars.

Several Hospital Employees Fired for Accessing Kim Kardashian’s Records

Anonymous · 07/15/13 03:22PM

Places you’re allowed to snoop: wallets, purses, drawers, “accidentally opened” emails on iPhones, bank statements casually left on the table. Places you should avoid snooping at all costs? Kim Kardashian’s electronic medical records at a major hospital, especially if that major hospital is your employer.