Taylor Swift, Not Your Friend, Surprises Audience With Phoebe, Your Friend

Kelly Conaboy · 08/27/15 09:38AM

Last night, during her fifth and final 1989 performance at Los Angeles’s Staples Center, Taylor Swift brought to the stage Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan: a singer-songwriter; a pretend woman your mother likes from television; your result in multiple BuzzFeed quizzes. They sang “Smelly Cat,” Buffay-Hannigan’s most well-known tune.

Jennifer Aniston Is Like a Sweet Grandmother to Selena Gomez

Allie Jones · 06/23/15 03:35PM

Jennifer Aniston—who is still engaged, yes, but not pregnant, no (thank you for asking; it’s fine)—has a lot of friends. Friends who get Oscar nominations; friends who are her hairstylists; friends who proposed to her over two years ago but don’t seem to want to set a date; friends who were on Friends; friends who are so much younger than her it’s insane. One of those friends recently spoke to a radio station about her relationship with Jen.

500 Days of Kristin, Day 108: Laguna Responds to Kristin's Pregnancy

Allie Jones · 05/13/15 02:59PM

As you know—truly, as you’ve always known—Kristin Cavallari is pregnant. She announced the news on the Kristin Cavallari app for iPhone on Monday, and it’s since been picked up by E! News, Us Weekly, and the like. But what do the people who really know Kristin think of her announcement?

The Only Cool, Pretty White Woman Taylor Swift Won't Hang Out With

Allie Jones · 05/08/15 09:07AM

Taylor Swift, proud owner of 37 best friends, does not seem like the most difficult queen bee to impress. If you are kind of famous or a model or Haim or 16 or 45 she’ll invite you on vacation with her. She’s friends with Jaime King! And someone from “Fifth Harmony.” But there is one cool, pretty white woman Taylor Swift will not hang out with:

Kim Kardashian's Favorite Twitter Account Is @MolestMeKardash

Allie Jones · 02/25/15 02:02PM

Have you looked at Kim Kardashian's Twitter feed today? Of course you have. She's updated the world on a new character in her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood iPhone game, retweeted a compliment Piers Morgan paid her husband, and then chatted with an account that wants her to molest it.

President Obama Would Be Friends' Greatest Stunt Casting Of All Time

Beejoli Shah · 11/08/13 04:42PM

Though rumors are constantly being thrown around of a Friends reunion, and then constantly being shot down by Pheebs, who is too busy playing air piano with Mike, she'd probably be singing a different Smelly Cat-esque tune if she knew that Friends creator Marta Kauffman might be able to stunt cast President Obama after a November 26th fundraising dinner Kauffman is hosting.