Is Rihanna Doing Coke In This Video?

Jordan Sargent · 04/14/15 11:57AM

There's an important debate happening today on Rihanna Twitter: Does a video recently posted to Instagram show the Barbadian singer preparing to inhale a line of what is assuredly the finest Colombian white? Judge for yourself.

Nicolas Cage Promotes Drug Dabbling and Listening to TLC’s Waterfalls

Anonymous · 07/19/13 02:29PM

Nicolas Cage is doing a European press tour for The Frozen Ground and a personal press tour for Normalcy. Sources overseas are reporting that Cage is telling people he’s just a “pretty boring guy” who is now living a “very simple life” in the very simple town of Las Vegas. According to BBC News, he’s only spent six months or so of his life “dabbling” in drugs. “I didn’t have like a real problem,” says Cage and also everyone who has ever dabbled.