Does Drake Actually Know What He's Doing?

Rich Juzwiak · 10/20/15 09:45AM

Drake reminds me of Showgirls. He’s so over-the-top, so ridiculously dorky that he has to realize what he’s doing. And yet, self-awareness is a rare commodity—even when your self is a commodity—that it’s impossible to say for sure where intention rules and uncontrollable, ridiculous-looking expression supersedes. The great thing about Showgirls isn’t that it’s so bad it’s good, it’s that it’s so outrageous it’s practically unbelievable and yet it still exists. So is Drake at his most entertaining.

Meek Mill: Polite Canadian Rapper Drake Doesn't Write His Own Raps

Jay Hathaway · 07/22/15 10:05AM

Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend but also a rapper with a new album out, accused Canadian teen soap opera star Aubrey “Drake” Graham of rapping raps he didn’t write in an extended Twitter rant Tuesday night. Meek claims the verse Drake contributed to his new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money (out now) was written by someone else, and he wouldn’t have used it if he’d known.

Was Drake Just Friendzoned by Serena Williams? (Yes)

Jason Parham · 07/09/15 10:20PM

In an unexpected twist of events, Drake, who has been taking in the sights at Wimbledon all week, was majorly friendzoned by Serena Williams Thursday. Despite the pair’s rumored 2012 fling, Williams, who is on course to win yet another Grand Slam title, would much rather be friends with the Toronto rapper.

Madonna's Greatest Hit Is Herself

Rich Juzwiak · 04/13/15 04:11PM

At this stage in her career, it seems needless to distinguish between Madonna's musical output and her stunts. Both are products of a savant-like aptitude in attention-grabbing. Both have defined her image. Both have worked in tandem from the earliest days of her superstardom. "Like a Virgin" was a great slice of post-disco dance pop, but it was also the background music to her feral roll around the stage of the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards. "Justify My Love" is a truly bizarre pop song from Venus that was brought down to earth when its video was banned by MTV. The list goes on. She is the queen of shocking moments.

Madonna Nearly Suffocates Traumatized Drake With Big Wet Smooch

Aleksander Chan · 04/13/15 07:55AM

Madonna and Drake shared the stage together Sunday night at Coachella. And for a brief moment that looked like it lasted for a small eternity for Drake, the two also shared the same air coming out of their mouthes (they kissed).

Drake's First Time Ever Catching a Ball Caught on Film

Jordan Sargent · 02/24/15 10:33AM

Drake is in tour in Australia right now, and his gift to his fans from Down Under is not just his mere presence but also perhaps the most perfectly... Drake dance move he could have ever conceived.

Porn Star on Drake's Thirsty DMs: "The Whole Thing Was Cringeworthy"

Jordan Sargent · 01/26/15 02:45PM

Drake is the gooberest cool rapper on Earth, and the following story will only further cement his goober legend. Last night, in an interview with a Miami sports radio station, Mia Khalifa—the number one ranked porn star on Pornhub—told a story about someone who is almost definitely Drake sliding into her Instagram DMs, to send her a series of enthusiastic messages she described as "so cringeworthy."