Diplo Is a Dick

Sam Biddle · 02/12/15 02:35PM

What happens when your ideas of male coolness are unquestioned from 9th grade into your late 30s, and you're rewarded with great fame and wealth no matter how obnoxiously you behave? You become Diplo, the music industry's preeminent DJ and foremost prickwad.

Grown Man/DJ Diplo Is Majorly Fucking Up the Affairs of Selena Gomez 

Allie Jones · 02/05/15 09:00AM

The young woman whom Drama follows, Selena Gomez, could come bear the wrath of her longtime BFF Taylor Swift soon, thanks to the 36-year-old DJ known as Diplo. Why? Because Diplo, an adult who enjoys and produces electronic music, apparently also likes meddling in the tender, romantic affairs of America's young people.