​Ashton Kutcher Tells Charlie Sheen to "Shut the Fuck Up"

Lacey Donohue · 02/06/14 02:01PM

On Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ashton Kutcher told stories about his brother's wedding and, because he's Ashton Kutcher, talked about slapping balls. But he also had an important message for Charlie Sheen, the actor he replaced on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

A Love Letter From Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards

Lacey Donohue · 01/14/14 03:15PM

According to rumors, Charlie Sheen's new girlfriend Brett Rossi is jealous of his ex-wife Denise Richards and wants her to leave the neighborhood they all share. According to Twitter, Charlie Sheen thinks Denise Richards is an oinky shit-slinging pig.

​Jenny McCarthy Insists Her Son Suffers From Autism

Lacey Donohue · 01/06/14 01:19PM

Jenny McCarthy, vaccination-denier and Queen of Idiot Nation, is pissed you think her son doesn't have autism. In other idiot news, Charlie Sheen might have married a porn star, and Will Smith misses Uncle Phil. All this and more in your Defamer Monday breakdowns.

OJ Simpson Wants to Play Himself on Anger Management

Anonymous · 07/22/13 03:02PM

One of the big unwritten rules about getting away with murder is laying low afterwards. (Well, the first big rule is not doing it again. But after that, definitely laying low.) Laying low does not include writing a book about how you would hypothetically commit the crime we all know you committed. Or attempting armed robbery and kidnapping of your own sports memorabilia. And it DEFINITELY does not include appearing on television alongside equally mentally deranged friends.

A.J. Daulerio · 06/21/13 10:25AM

Charlie Sheen had his Anger Management co-star Selma Blair fired because he like-liked her and she did not feel the same way, report says.