Kaley Cuoco Is Sorry to Disappoint 

Allie Jones · 10/15/15 01:40PM

Though you can watch them together every Monday at 8/7c on CBS, Big Bazinga co-stars Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are NOT secretly dating, despite some gossip reports that said they were. Horse friend Kaley put rumormongers on blast last night by stating clearly on Instagram that she and Johnny are “just the best of buds.”

​Ashton Kutcher Tells Charlie Sheen to "Shut the Fuck Up"

Lacey Donohue · 02/06/14 02:01PM

On Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ashton Kutcher told stories about his brother's wedding and, because he's Ashton Kutcher, talked about slapping balls. But he also had an important message for Charlie Sheen, the actor he replaced on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Lacey Donohue · 01/15/14 01:37PM

Two days after Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly eulogized the end of pilot season, CBS Entertainment chief Nina Tassler told reporters at TCA, "Pilot season isn't perfect…But pilot season does work for us." Yes, it totally works if you hate actual comedy and love laugh tracks.

Lacey Donohue · 01/13/14 03:28PM

The 2014 Golden Globe Awards hit a 10-year high in viewers, with 20.9 million people watching Jacqueline Bisset on NBC shout "Shit!" before babbling into the microphone for an eternity. More people still watched football, as the Broncos / Chargers game pulled in 36.3 million viewers for CBS.

​CBS Will Use Bruce Springsteen in a Sad Ploy for Ratings

Lacey Donohue · 01/02/14 01:55PM

Whenever I think about Bruce Springsteen, American rock legend, I can't help but also think about the CBS drama The Good Wife. Because nothing goes together quite like The Boss and Juliana Margulies. Do you feel the same way? Of course you do. It's only natural.

How CBS' President And Variety's Editor In Chief Are In Bed Together

Beejoli Shah · 11/21/13 02:10PM

At a Girls, Inc. charity luncheon yesterday, CBS President Nina Tassler announced that she would be releasing a collection of essays on feminism. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the book is going to be co-authored by journalist Cynthia Littleton. One little problem: Littleton is the editor in chief of Variety, specifically tasked with covering television. Conflict of interest?

How I Met Your Dad Proves That Hollywood Is Really Fucking Lazy

Beejoli Shah · 11/15/13 09:30PM

What do you do when you're two of the hottest show creators working in television and your banner show is drawing to a close? Panic that you'll never create anything nearly as brilliant and beloved again? Sit back and rest in your jacuzzi filled not with tepid frothy water, but piles of sweet syndication money? Make another hit show about PhD-chasing nerds and their hot neighbor? All great options! Or you could just go the Carter Bays-Craig Thomas route, and just make the same show all over again.

Breakdowns: Clarissa Explains It All About Her Celebrity Make-outs

Beejoli Shah · 11/06/13 10:49AM

A kiss from Melissa Joan Hart could really ruin your career; Rachel gets The Rachel, even though she really used to hate The Rachel; Harvey Weinstein is already scheming for 2016 to back the president with the most pull at the Mars Chocolate Company; and CBS is still so mad at Dan Rather.

Breakdowns: Lena Dunham Didn't Want Allison Williams To Be On Girls

Beejoli Shah · 11/01/13 12:10PM

Looks like the Hannah-Marnie frenemies storyline really is art imitating life; Kerry Washington reminds us that being Olivia Pope isn't our aspirational dream, being Kerry Washington is; Connie Britton's hair is ready to play evil instead of good; and Time Warner Cable is even worse than it was before.

CBS' Christmas Gift To You Is Two I Love Lucy Episodes In Color

Beejoli Shah · 10/22/13 04:09PM

After years of stealing all the presents from the children of Whoville (or, well, carriage fees from Time Warner Cable and storylines from The Good Wife), network television Grinch CBS' heart is growing, just in time for the holiday season. The network will be airing two back-to-back episodes of I Love Lucy, remastered in "vintage" color as an appropriately titled "I Love Lucy Christmas Special."

EXCLUSIVE: CBS Picks Up The Back 9 Episodes Of Its Fall Comedies

Beejoli Shah · 10/18/13 01:12PM

After sacrificing We Are Men to the gods of bad television, I've learned from an inside source that CBS just picked up the back 9 episodes on their remaining newcomer comedies: Mom, The Millers, and single-cam surprise The Crazy Ones.

It Costs Almost $11K A Second To Advertise During The Big Bang Theory

Beejoli Shah · 10/14/13 01:51PM

It costs $326,260 to air a 30-second commercial on The Big Bang Theory. Breaking it down further, that is $10,875.33 a second. To put that in perspective, the average American makes $52,100 a year, which is $25.04 an hour, 41 cents a minute, and less than a cent per second. The Big Bang Theory makes almost 2 million times more than you at any given moment.

Breakdowns: Dreamworks Offered $75M For Three More Eps of Breaking Bad

Beejoli Shah · 10/09/13 12:32PM

If Dreamworks got its way, Breaking Bad would have lasted just a little longer; you can now watch Rupert Grint be super charming in Super Clyde, the pilot CBS stupidly passed on; Hollywood is going to bat for ex-Focus Features CEO James Schamus; even award-winning editing can't help Justin Timberlake, and that's saying something.