True Detective Season Two: How Big Is Justin Bieber's Penis?

Jordan Sargent · 01/14/15 01:00PM

A single question now plagues the minds of all Americans, weighing down our brains as we slump in our office chairs, then slump in our cars, then slump in our couches, and then slump into bed: how big is Justin Bieber's penis really?

You Know What, These Sexy Underwear Pics of Justin Bieber Aren't So Bad 

Allie Jones · 01/06/15 06:05PM

Be still everyone's hearts, even my own heart, which I must admit is beating slightly faster now for some reason: Here are the first photos of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear campaign. Bieber posted the pics to Instagram on the 5th of the year, announcing "this is just the start of the year" and encouraging everyone to "#beallyoucanbe."