The Sad Truths Behind the L.A. Party Scene That Took Down Bryan Singer

Jordan Sargent · 04/24/14 04:33PM

X-Men director Bryan Singer is not the only powerful gay man in Hollywood who likes to surround himself with handsome twinks. But according to a handful of sources who spoke with Gawker over the course of the last week, he was known as the most generous and active benefactor of a scene that allowed the young and impressionable to rub up against Hollywood elite—including prominent writers, directors and actors—leaving behind bitter memories and a sheaf of newly filed lawsuits.

The Great Big Bryan Singer Sex Party Mailbag

Jordan Sargent · 04/18/14 05:04PM

X-Men director Bryan Singer strenuously denies that he drugged and raped a 17-year-old in 1998, and claims he has evidence to prove that he wasn't even in Hawaii at the time the assault is said to have been taken place there. But the accusation has opened the floodgates of stories, memories, rumors and gossip—much of which landed in our inboxes over the last two days. Welcome to the Bryan Singer sex party mailbag.

Jordan Sargent · 04/18/14 10:04AM

Michael Egan, the man who is suing director Bryan Singer for allegedly raping him at the age of 17, filed a lawsuit in 2000 stemming from the same 1999 parties where he says Singer assaulted him. But in that previous lawsuit, Egan did not name Singer as a defendant.