Angelina Jolie’s By the Sea Isn’t a Vanity Project, It’s Just Vanity

Rich Juzwiak · 11/10/15 03:00PM

Somewhere between Girl, Interrupted, and “Girl, I’m gonna have to interrupt you because you’re going on and on and not saying shit,” is By the Sea. In it, Angelina Jolie plays a disturbed woman named Vanessa who can barely muster more than a sentence at time as she vacations in costal France with her novelist husband, Roland (Brad Pitt). Jolie wrote, directed, and produced this portrait of a relationship on the brink of collapse. From anyone else, it would be mystifying as to how something so dull and inept got made by a major studio. From an A-lister, it makes sense. Superstar entitlement—that which comes from within and without—is the only logical explanation for this horrendous movie.

Report: Brad Pitt Dismissed From Jury Duty for Being Too Brad Pitty

Kelly Conaboy · 12/19/14 02:23PM

Would you convict someone of a crime you don't believe they committed, simply because Brad Pitt—handsome Brad Pitt—wished to see them behind bars (for his own reasons, we don't need to pry)? Yes. And that is why Brad Pitt cannot serve on a jury.

Brad Pitt: I Don't Feel Safe Without a Gun in the House

Aleksander Chan · 10/14/14 12:32PM

Angelina Jolie's 50-year-old husband, Brad Pitt, loves guns. He told British radio and television weekly Radio Times that his father "instilled" in him "a profound and deep respect for the weapon" (guns). And apparently at a young age: He bragged to the magazine that he had a shotgun by the time he turned six and was firing handguns by age eight.

Why Is Angelina Jolie a Movie Star?

Tom Scocca · 08/28/14 01:13PM

Everyone's excited about Angelina Jolie today. As usual, it's not because she made a movie. Angelina Jolie never makes movies people are excited about.

Breakdowns: Kate Upton's Boobs May Star In The New Entourage Movie

Beejoli Shah · 11/12/13 12:39PM

The Entourage movie might cast Kate Upton, because, obviously; The Wahlberg brothers are turning to reality television, because it worked out so well for Clint Eastwood; Alec Baldwin is not a good news show host; and Brad Pitt's Fury has invoked that reaction from the Brits.

Brad Pitt’s Identical Body Double Didn't Even Get an Autograph

Anonymous · 07/18/13 12:05PM

If you had a dollar for every time someone pointed out that you look exactly like Brad Pitt, what would you do with your riches? That’s easy. You’d head to a shopping mall, try out to be an extra for World War Z, and then complain, once cast, that you weren’t given the star treatment. Because when you’re pretty much Brad Pitt’s identical twin, the world should roll out the red carpet.