Ariana Grande Says Good Morning to America, Which She Hates

Jay Hathaway · 09/15/15 09:48AM

As the donut-licking trial of Ariana Grande entered its 67th day, the embattled former pop star finally took the stand in Good Morning America’s Times Square courtroom Tuesday morning to address allegations that she hates Americans. (The allegations are based on the time she said, “I hate Americans.”) But, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do you just go around wishing a good morning to people you hate? The defense rests.

Ariana Grande Loves Her Boyfriend's "Gang Bang"

Jordan Sargent · 01/27/15 02:29PM

What do we know about the relationship between teeny-tiny teacup pop star Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, the obnoxious-yet-appealing rapper Big Sean? We know that they like to hold hands. We know that they like to snowboard. It's all very cute. But what brought them together in the first place? The answer to that question was a mystery—until now.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean Suck Face on Spooooooky Roller Coaster Ride

Allie Jones · 10/09/14 12:57PM

Big Sean and Lil' Ariana Grande confirmed their PG romance this week by making out on a roller coaster—the Revenge of the Mummy on Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Hollywood, to be exact. Spooky! Good thing they had each other if they got scared.

Report: Ariana Grande Hopes Her Fans All Fucking Die

Kelly Conaboy · 09/17/14 10:28AM

Ariana Grande, mumbly little peanut on the left, god knows what on the right, has had her tiny share of bad press lately. She's already been accused of wielding a diva-like attitude towards photographers and interviewers, and she's just been accused of wanting all of her fans to fucking die. Classic diva.