Can You Spot Steve Jobs in This Photo from the New Steve Jobs Movie?

Jay Hathaway · 02/02/15 01:50PM

This is the first photo from the set of Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic, which finally started filming in January after being bounced from Sony to Universal—the reasons are complicated, but one of them involved a disagreement over which big-name actor should play the Apple founder. As you can see, the answer still hasn't been revealed.

Sony Exec: "Broke" Aaron Sorkin Is "Sleeping With" Author

Jordan Sargent · 12/12/14 03:20PM

Aaron Sorkin has a fruitful working relationship with Sony Pictures Entertainment. The studio distributed his hit films The Social Network and Moneyball and is actively seeking to develop new projects with him, including at one point the ill-fated Steve Jobs biopic. But none of that stopped SPE co-chairman Amy Pascal from alleging in an email that Sorkin is broke—or that he's sleeping with an author whose book he is turning into a movie.

The Newsroom Is Still On

Jordan Sargent · 10/03/14 03:00PM

Eventually this show will no longer be on TV. Stay strong.

​Aaron Sorkin: Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death Might Save Lives

Lacey Donohue · 02/06/14 11:42AM

Aaron Sorkin, the creator and writer behind Sports Night, The West Wing, and The Newsroom, says he bonded with Philip Seymour Hoffman over their shared addiction struggles. According to a Time obituary penned by Sorkin, Hoffman always knew death was a possibility.

Lacey Donohue · 01/13/14 06:18PM

Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom has been renewed for a third and final season on HBO. This news is not nearly as interesting or fun as the current rumor that Sorkin is dating rocker Courtney Love.