It's not that Spike Lee doesn't have the money to fund his $1.25 million mystery movie he won't release any details about, it's that he would prefer to "appeal to the Kindness in your Hearts" on Kickstarter.

Now, Lee is out to bring Kickstarter "to people who don't even know what Kickstarter is." In his defense, says Lee, and in defense of other established celebrities—celebrities like "Zach Flack"—by using the site, they're bringing people to Kickstarter who have never been on Kickstarter before. And what's more, he's been Kickstarting before you were even kick(start)ing in the womb. According to his updated Kickstarter page:

It was people like: PRINCE, JANET JACKSON, TRACY CHAPMAN, PEGGY COOPER, CAY FRITZ, MS. WINFREY, MAGIC JOHNSON AND MICHAEL JORDAN who STOOD UP, came to our rescue so you could see the MALCOLM X on screen we envisioned.

Now it all makes sense. It's not just about raising money outside of the studio system. It's about teaching Janet Jackson and Oprah how to take part in the internet's biggest prank.