MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM Rihanna™ model Rihanna and environmental activist and founding member of the Pussy Posse, Leonardo DiCaprio, have reportedly been hooking up. That doesn't mean Rihanna is just going to settle for Leonardo DiCaprio's chubby baby bod, however.

According to an OK! Magazine source, Rihanna has hinted that Leonardo DiCaprio should lose some weight because he is, says the source, "a lot more flabbier than her usual lovers." Hmm.

On the one hand, perhaps Rihanna should have picked a different, less flabby actor to hook up with if she wanted a non-flabby hook up partner so badly; on the other hand, Leonardo DiCaprio was in Titanic, so maybe a little extra effort on both of their parts is worth it.

Plus, Leo is allegedly fine with it:

"Leo thinks it's all highly amusing," the insider said. "He's never had a girl tell him what to do, so you can imagine how much he's loving it."

"She wants him to get a six-pack," the source added.

You can imagine! What could be more amusing than having Rihanna critique your body?

According to the same source, Leo has (allegedly) (though this source seems very trustworthy) asserted some control over Rihanna's body as well:

"Rihanna has always been the type of girl who does whatever she wants, when she wants. She wants a new tattoo on her body, but she's stuck because Leo asked her to promise him she won't let the needle touch her body until she falls in love again. She's a woman of her word and she's sticking to that."

Leo, forever the romantic who makes weird and somewhat impossible to comprehend tattoo promises with Rihanna.

50% model.

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