This will not sweeten the almond milk in Taylor Swift's Monday morning latte, but we must report that Swift's ex-boyfriend John Mayer went to the Super Bowl to support Swift's sworn enemy, halftime show performer Katy Perry last night. Missy Elliott (personal relationship with Swift unknown) posed for a photo with the on-again couple, who were dressed up like a normal person and a football, at an after party.

US Weekly reports that Mayer "was waiting behind the scenes to congratulate [Katy] when she came off stage following her epic halftime performance." It's not clear if John was in the company of his #1 girl—sorry, Taylor—when she got a tattoo to commemorate said epic performance later in the evening.

Mayer and Perry have been spotted out together several times since January, including once on a double date with Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen. Sounds like everything is going really great for Katy, and I know we're all really happy for her.

[Photo via Getty]