Jennifer Aniston, who was not nominated for an Oscar for Cake but is fine, rang in 46 by renting out the two-lane bowling alley in the Roosevelt Hotel. Shockingly, US Weekly reports, one A-lister who was invited to the soiree was notably absent.

Guests included other stars who were previously much more famous than they are now: the first actor to portray Spider-man in a movie, Borat and his wife Isla Fisher, Monica from Friends. But someone was missing.

The lanes running down the middle of the the Roosevelt Hotel's Spare Room, US Weekly writes, cost $5,000 to rent, or approximately .o5% of what Jennifer Aniston made in a single episode of Friends' final season, which was one million dollars. For that price, Jen got all two bowling alley lanes for herself. But also: bar games, "including backgammon, chess, monopoly, dominos, and playing cards."

and playing cards

Except someone wasn't there to play any games.

The party started around 9 p.m. on Jen's b-day, Feb. 11, and guests raged until ???? (1 a.m.) Not Reese Witherspoon, though. She couldn't make it. Instead, Reese Instagrammed an old photo of them:

Reese writes, "All my ❤️ to this incredible woman on her birthday!! Her light, grace and humor always make the world (and ME) smile! #JenniferAniston #WCW #HappyBirthday"

Jennifer Aniston had her birthday party in a bowling alley.

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