Places you’re allowed to snoop: wallets, purses, drawers, “accidentally opened” emails on iPhones, bank statements casually left on the table. Places you should avoid snooping at all costs? Kim Kardashian’s electronic medical records at a major hospital, especially if that major hospital is your employer.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has officially fired six people—four employees of physicians, one medical assistant, and one volunteer—for “inappropriately accessing” medical information between June 18 and June 24. According to The Los Angeles Times, “Five of the workers accessed a single patient record; the other one looked at 14.” TMZ confirms that Kim Kardashian, who checked into the hospital on June 15 and left June 21, was contacted by the hospital to let her know she was one of the patients involved.

Cedars-Sinai claims that no “criminal acts were committed by the individuals,” though they have reached out to law enforcement in “an abundance of caution.” Now that the cops are involved, the world may never know if Kardashian had an episiotomy, plugged ducts, or, as some speculate, a secret C-section. Maybe she had all three.

But what of the employee who accessed those 13 other records? What else does he or she know now? And if you were given unlimited access to celebrity medical records at Cedars, whose name would you type into the database first?

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