Shia LaBeouf is very very sorry for plagiarizing Daniel Clowes' graphic novel Justin M. Damiano. And he can't stop apologizing for it. He's apologized so much he even ran out of his own words and had to steal apologies from famous people including Kanye West, Robert McNamara, Tiger Woods, and Shepherd Fairey.

But on New Year's day, LaBeouf took the insincere apologies to a new level and hired a skywriter to blanket the sky of Hollywood and Studio City with a simple message: "I am sorry Daniel Clowes." Too bad Daniel Clowes lives in the Bay Area and couldn't witness this new desperate plea for attention.

LaBeouf even took to Twitter after the skywriting to make sure he'd get credit for the spectacle in the clouds.

Because when you rip off someone's work and get caught, it's best to continue making the situation LESS CLEAR.

But at this point it's obvious LaBeouf is trying to pass this off as some kind of 21st century performance piece about art, property, and increasingly irrelevant movie stars. On New Year's Eve, he tweeted:

Not quite sure who he's mocking, but it doesn't matter because he stole this apology from a anti-abortion nutjob in Texas. Cool art, Shia. Cool, cool edgy art.

And he's at it again Thursday morning, borrowing his latest apology from Jay Z:

What an asshole.

[Image via Twitter]