Last week during a Reddit AMA, Jerry Seinfeld teased fans with the promise a "big, huge, gigantic" project with Larry David. According to Roger Freidman at Showbiz 411, the scope of the project is now more clear: Seinfeld and David are headed to Broadway, baby.

Friedman writes that during a Friday night party at SoHo House West Hollywood, he and David had the following "exchange" (most of which occurs in Friedman's head):

"I've written a play." A play? For, like, Broadway? "Yes." And Jerry would star in it? "Maybe," he said. "We're talking about it." Or directing, or producing, sounds like. Don't forget, Jerry produced and directed Colin Quinn's one man show on Broadway.

David was also asked about a new Curb Your Enthusiasm season, but Friedman "got the impression" that the play—perhaps an off Broadway debut at the Atlantic Theater Company—is David's first priority. That's quite a specific impression.

So it's not a new TV show written by and starring the two men, but the idea of an off Broadway play should be enough to excite fans. Then again, there's a great chance this whole thing might be wild speculation, based on yet another inane SoHo House conversation.

[Image via AP]