Dustin “Screech” Diamond, child star turned adult-alleged-stabber, is currently on trial in Port Washington, Wisc., accused of knifing a dude in the hand during a Christmas Day bar scuffle. His defense got off to a great start Wednesday when the judge ordered his attorney, Thomas Alberti, to remove the message “good luck to Dustin and Amanda” (Screech’s fiancée) painted on the rear window of his car.

“I’m telling you right now, anymore shenanigans like that and you’ll find yourself in contempt faster than fast,” said Judge Paul Malloy, according to E!

Things didn’t get any less dramatic Thursday, when Alberti and District Attorney Adam Gerol presented their cases. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports Diamond’s attorney was warned “for misrepresenting witness testimony and disrespectful conduct,” and he snapped at the D.A.—who registered frequent objections during defense questioning—for stepping on some of his evidence.

“You just finished stomping on my exhibits and didn’t apologize,” Alberti said.

The judge ordered the two to take a break.

As for the merits of the case, Diamond’s defense is that the victim was drunk and trying to take photos of him, and that he invaded Screech’s space.

“We’re here over a nick in a drunk guy’s shoulder,” his lawyer summed up.

On the other hand, cops testified that Diamond told them 9 times that he had been holding a pen, not a switchblade. His story apparently changed once he learned someone had been injured and there was video of the incident. (The video is reportedly too blurry to be of much use to the jury.)

The D.A. painted Diamond and his fiancée (who’s charged with disorderly conduct) as belligerent, and argued they’d been “eyeballing” the victim and his friends all night.

If convicted, Diamond faces 5 years in prison, plus 5 years of supervised release.

The thing he regrets most is starring in the mid-2000s pornographic film Screeched.

[Photo: Getty Images]