Jennifer Aniston’s life is one big celebrity sexy party, and you know what: it’s fine. This weekend, Jen and her new husband Justin Theroux (actor) went on a “star-studded double date” in Austin, Texas, with Sandra Bullock and her new boyfriend, a “gorgeous” model/photographer named Bryan Randall. Damn.

Witness Rhonda Scott, who identifies as a luxury real estate agent, told People that she spotted the foursome at Sandy’s restaurant, Bess Bistro. “It was a nice intimate setting and the couples were very cozy,” she said. “They seemed to know each other very well, and seemed quite close.”

Scott added that Bryan, who attended Jen and Justin’s wedding with Sandy last month, is a “tall, gorgeous, silver fox.”

She also noted, “Sandra stood out in a pair of white shorts and a black top.”


What about Jen? Second witness Justin Diamond, who identifies as Justin Diamond, told People, “Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were very handsy...every time she would put on her glasses to read a text message, Justin would caress her while she was on the phone.”

Jennifer Aniston can’t read her dang phone without her glasses, haha; when did we get so old, haha; by we I mean me, haha—love the shorts, Sandy.

First witness Rhonda Scott concluded to People, “It was amazing to see those big stars in one room together.”

Amazing for some, and O.K. for others—no really, we’re all O.K.

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