TMZ reports that Robin Thicke’s dog—named Bincy; bought for his 20-year-old girlfriend—has gone to the hospital twice now for accidentally ingesting weed. On her private Twitter account, girlfriend April Love Geary reportedly blamed the incidents on Thicke: “Some falls on the ground or she sits by him smoking and just inhales it hahaha.”


Per TMZ, “April says a day after they took the pooch home it somehow got into their stash and got sick. Bincy went to the vet, but apparently she still had a taste for the green stuff. Three days after returning home, Bincy was back at the animal doc, for the same problem. This time April insisted it was more of a contact high...”

Bincy’s O.K. now—relatively speaking, of course. It is crazy to think that Robin Thicke is also the father of an actual child.

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