Have an opinion about Coachella* or don’t, I don’t care. But let’s all agree that one cool thing about Coachella is a very specific, fleeting bit of internet that I like to call “Celebrity mansion rentals in Palm Springs during Coachella,” in which famous people post photos to Instagram of whatever estates they’re staying in while at the festival. This year, no one’s mansion rental mattered more than Rihanna’s incredible pool.

Serious question: has a pool ever looked better? I’m not sure! So many rich people pools try and do that thing where they surround the pool with big fake rocks for a “natural” look. In reality, what they end up with are pools that look like zoo enclosures. An alligator might be too dumb to notice how ugly his fake rock habitat is, but we should strive to be better than alligators.

This pool, though, really pulls it off, and it’s less about the rocks—which still look fake as hell—and more about the color of the water, which is this perfect clear-blue, not that false teal color of most pools. This pool really looks like a natural body of water you might stumble upon if you were Ryan McGinley, which I’m not, so I haven’t, which is particularly why I love this pool.

Rihanna’s best friend Melissa Forde, who is in the photo above, spent much of this past weekend posting shots of her and Rihanna burning through blunts by this great pool, and I dunno, could life get better?

Some people say that being famous sucks, but I’m not so sure.

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[top image via Melissa Forde]