Rider Strong, who I hope has enough royalties from his Boy Meets World days to raise a child, has had a child. People Magazine writes that Strong and his wife, Alexandra Barretto, "successfully kept Barretto's pregnancy completely under wraps." Hmm. Wonder how they did that. The world is indeed a mystery sometimes. So much happens that we don't know about...

Rider and Alexandra have named their baby boy Indigo "Indy" Barretto Strong. I'm not sure why Indigo automatically needs a nickname. Perhaps his parents know it's a ridiculous moniker. "Indigo" is not an improvement on Rider, and fathers should always improve with their sons.

It's unfortunate, because "Strong" would have been a good last name with which to have some fun."Indigo Strong" comes off sounding like a lesbian songstress action hero (her guitar turns into a missile launcher—it's very cool!) "Live" would have been a neat name for this baby. Or "Charmin Ultra." "HTML." "America." "So." You see, baby names can be fun.

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[Pic via AP]