Star Magazine reports that after "spending all summer feasting and drinking on yachts," Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to lose ten pounds by autumn. Oh! But will he be able to overcome his love of pasta to meet his noble goal?

The magazine spoke to a source who gave a little insight into Leo's now infamous Ten Pound Plan. From Star Magazine (via Celebitchy):

"He has given up pasta – and he loves pasta," says the source. "He also plans on working out more and he is taking his bike wherever he goes."

Aw, jeeze, but he loves pasta! Does he even really need to lose the weight? I mean—does his 21-year-old model girlfriend care, or is he Leonardo DiCaprio?

But when it comes to his romance with 21-year-old model Toni Garrn, Leo's extra girth just means there's more of him to love! "Of course she doesn't care," says the source. "He's Leonardo DiCaprio!"

I knew it! Put the pasta back inside your mouth, Leo, and swallow it down to your tum—nobody cares!

Shucks, well, anyway. Good luck to that ol' tubba flub, on whatever path he chooses.

[image via Getty]