Britney Spears has been under personal and financial conservatorship since 2008, when she was committed to a hospital after allegedly neglecting to take her prescription meds and, according to a family source, “driving around her neighborhood like a mad-woman.” Although she’s turned things around since then, TMZ reported Monday that the conservatorship could last her entire lifetime simply because it’s working so well for her business.

Spears’s dad, Jamie Spears, oversees her finances and personal life with the help of doctors and lawyers, but has reportedly allowed her to make her own personal decisions since at least 2010. (This is with one rumored exception: her ex-fiancé, Jason Trawick, was a co-conservator during their relationship, but gave up the role when they split in 2013. Brit’s dad allegedly ended the relationship because Trawick was tired of “babysitting” Britney and wanted out.)

TMZ says she currently has “substantial day-to-day freedom” over her life.

But no matter how well she’s doing with her relationships—she broke up with producer Charlie Ebersol in June—and mental health, the financial conservatorship “will stay in place indefinitely,” TMZ reported back in 2010 and again Monday. Britney Spears™, the business enterprise, is doing quite well under its current management, bringing in $14 million last year.

The conservatorship doesn’t even mind if she wants to hoard cute dogs and dress them up in little outfits or whatever. She can afford it.

Good for you, Britney (corporation and person).

[h/t TMZ, Photo: Getty Images]