Pranka, pranka, pranka. This guy loves pranks! Mr. Bond, to you—Prank Bond.

Daniel Craig hated filming James Bond very much, literally would rather kill himself than film another James Bond, but also—maybe did he have a laugh on set, with farts?

Let me see if he did, via Page Six:

James Bond actor Daniel Craig played some very unclassy pranks on the set of “Spectre,” including “fart gags” on co-stars, he says.

Ah, he did. Fart gags. Mhm. Craig did not elaborate upon the sort of “fart gag” he played, however he did talk a bit about the atmosphere that bred the farts:

“The fact of it is, we do very long days — I’m not complaining — we do very long days, and if you’ve been on a movie set, it’s kind of intense and often very boring, so you just have a laugh.”

At once kind of intense and very boring, just like Mr. Pranks himself—Mr. Daniel Craig, James “Fart” Bond.

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