Angelina Jolie’s By the Sea Isn’t a Vanity Project, It’s Just Vanity

Rich Juzwiak · 11/10/15 03:00PM

Somewhere between Girl, Interrupted, and “Girl, I’m gonna have to interrupt you because you’re going on and on and not saying shit,” is By the Sea. In it, Angelina Jolie plays a disturbed woman named Vanessa who can barely muster more than a sentence at time as she vacations in costal France with her novelist husband, Roland (Brad Pitt). Jolie wrote, directed, and produced this portrait of a relationship on the brink of collapse. From anyone else, it would be mystifying as to how something so dull and inept got made by a major studio. From an A-lister, it makes sense. Superstar entitlement—that which comes from within and without—is the only logical explanation for this horrendous movie.

What Child Is This? Ashton Kutcher's? 

Allie Jones · 11/10/15 12:14PM

Two days ago, the actor Ashton Kutcher posted a photo of a baby girl on Instagram. His baby? Funny you should ask—a lot of people are wondering the same thing:

Alexis Bledel Is Hiding a Tiny Rory in Her Womb—Shh

Kelly Conaboy · 11/10/15 11:56AM

This is a secret. Please turn the brightness on your screen to “low,” lower your read-speaking voice to a whisper, and mime typing. Alexis Bledel is allegedly pregnant. Oh no. Look around—did anyone hear you say?

Robot Quarterback Takes Ciara to Girls Gone Wild Mansion, Totally Doesn't Have Sex With Her

Jay Hathaway · 11/10/15 11:44AM

Russell Wilson, the cutting-edge humanoid robot currently starting at quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, did not have to execute its football protocols over the weekend, so it was shipped to Mexico for routine maintenance at the mansion of Girls Gone Wild bro-chief Joe Francis. Wi15on was accompanied by human girlfriend and pop star Ciara, with whom the quarterback unit is reportedly not-having-sex. Will this machine-man ever learn how to love? DOES. NOT. COMPUTE.

500 Days of Kristin, Day 289: Other Books Kristin Recommends

Allie Jones · 11/09/15 05:22PM

If all goes according to (God’s) plan, Kristin Cavallari will become a published author in the spring of 2016. She is currently urging the public to pre-order her book, Balancing in Heels. But what other books does Kristin recommend?

Prank'n, Not Stirred

Kelly Conaboy · 11/09/15 11:58AM

Pranka, pranka, pranka. This guy loves pranks! Mr. Bond, to you—Prank Bond.

500 Days of Kristin, Day 288: Stroke of Luck

Allie Jones · 11/08/15 01:00PM

As you’ve surely heard by now, Kristin Cavallari is American Baby’s December/January cover star. In the issue, she reveals, among other things, that she is planning to use a hand-me-down crib for her third child.

Capturing the Struggle in New York's Most Diverse Community: Frederick Wiseman on In Jackson Heights

Rich Juzwiak · 11/06/15 03:09PM

Few communities are more culturally rich than the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights, which boasts some 167 spoken languages, a strong LGBT presence, and some of the greatest restaurants in the city. Frederick Wiseman, the 85-year-old director of observational documentaries (whose narratives are never forced with on-camera interviews, but merely suggested through motifs and editing), turned his camera on Jackson Heights for about nine weeks, during the summer of 2014, to capture the neighborhood’s diversity and the looming threat of gentrification.