Nikki Finke has put her eponymous comeback site out to pasture with nothing more than a whimper. As pointed out by Kate Aurthur of Buzzfeed, the Hollywood rage-blogger has taken down except for the post you see above.

The potential shutdown of the site—which was heralded as Finke's triumphant return to entertainment industry journalism but produced nothing of note besides a blustery introductory manifesto—was first reported by Aurthur last week. Per Aurthur, Finke was considering shutting down the site due to a non-compete clause in her contract with Penske Media—which bought her old site Deadline Hollywood in 2009—that the company was prepared to litigate.

The New York Times followed that story up with its own report—that Aurthur intimated on Twitter today was sourced directly from Finke herself—stating that may survive, but it appears as if Finke has decided to move onto something else. According to Ravi Somaiya, author of the Times' story, Finke's contract with Penske would permit her to write about Hollywood in newspapers, magazines or books, but not online.

Finke's farewell indicates that she has "career plans" lined up, but for now the one-time most feared woman in Hollywood appears to have been tamed.