Nicolas Cage is doing a European press tour for The Frozen Ground and a personal press tour for Normalcy. Sources overseas are reporting that Cage is telling people he’s just a “pretty boring guy” who is now living a “very simple life” in the very simple town of Las Vegas. According to BBC News, he’s only spent six months or so of his life “dabbling” in drugs. “I didn’t have like a real problem,” says Cage and also everyone who has ever dabbled.

Why dabble? Because, according to the National Treasure star, “you need to live your life like an art.” Which means he’s totally fine with you taking a weekend here and there to “get a bit surreal to help…whatever it is you’re trying to express” as long as you don’t get out of control. Maybe taking this advice will help people stay cool this weekend?

In related or unrelated news, he also told UK radio station Magic 105.4 that “my song of choice is ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC.” Whose isn't?

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