Nicki Minaj, currently letting boyfriend Meek Mill tag along on her world tour (whenever he’s not busy with his job as the punching bag at Drake’s home gym), sparked rumors that she’s also letting Meek’s baby tag along in her uterus when she called him her “baby father” at a show over the weekend. But Nicki was just kidding, according to TMZ, which reports she often lovingly refers to her closest dudes as “baby father.”

Sources close to Nicki say she uses the phrase “baby father” frequently - at least twice on this tour, but it’s not the same as “father of my child.” It’s just a term of endearment for those she likes. She’s even referred to Lil Wayne as her baby daddy in the past, even though they’re just friends.

“:eight crying laughing emojis:,” Nicki added on Twitter.

Good joke by Nicki, but kind of sad for Meek. Fathering Queen Nicki’s child would have been his only W in an overflowing sea of Ls this summer.

She hasn’t entirely ruled it out, TMZ’s source adds, but “there will be a wedding before they’re picking out baby names.”

Other sources close to Nicki (Drake) report the more likely outcome is that she tells Meek they’re “better as friends.”

[Screengrab from Nicki and Meek’s “All Eyes on You” video]