"Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead," Miley Cyrus once sang while singing Adele to her dog, and never has that sentiment rung truer than this past weekend, when her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger—son of Arnold, a true and faithful man—was spotted doing body shots off some rando's stomach in Mexico.

As Deidre Behar (17,000 followers) notes, Schwarzenegger has denied cheating on Miley with his Kappa friend but...come on. That look in her eyes says "I love you, even though/especially because it is Spring Break," while his embrace says "I have a girlfriend but I'm 21 LOL."

The two were snapped holding hands at "Mango Deck Restaurant" in Cabo San Lucas, which is definitely one of the places you would go to cheat on your girlfriend as a 21-year-old in Mexico. The Daily Mail has more images, including the one with Schwzarnegger putting his face in the girl's belly to consume alcohol, which is a thing friendly college students do to each other, but again, let's be real here cc: Deidre Behar.

They were also hanging out with a dude wearing a weed headband.

[image via Getty]