Student debt: Lots of people have it. "Including Miles Teller?" you're wondering. Huh, funny you should ask.

Despite having appeared in several major movie posters and also Whiplash, Miles Teller has not paid off his NYU student loans, which amount to, as Vulture reported last year, $100,000. Dang, Miles Teller. That's a lot of money to study acting at NYU.


Even knowing it worked out I'm having some doubts about whether or not it was worth it for you to spend $100,000 to study acting at NYU, Miles Teller. $100,000, damn.

Teller spoke to Vulture recently about why he has not paid off his loans, even though he is in movies now and can:

"My business manager says the interest is so low, there's no sense in paying them off. I can, if I want to have that badge of accomplishment, but until then I still very much have my NYU loans."

Typically people pay off student loans because they are loans to be repaid rather than strictly because of the sense of accomplishment one generates when paying them off, but all right, Miles Teller. Not my tempo, but all right.

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