The haircut news cycle doesn't stop during the holiday season, my friend—no, no, no. It continues at the same pace. Get used to it! Today: Might Jared Leto, Mr. Pretty Bun, AKA Mr. Helmet Dick, get a haircut? A good question with an intriguing answer.

Two days ago, Jared Leto Instagrammed a magazine photograph of Jared Leto with a haircut. He captioned the photo "Haircut. #2015." Of course, one could assume from the photograph and the caption that this is the haircut Jared Leto will adopt in 2015. Perhaps the image suggests he will trim his beard, as well, fingers crossed.

One could also read the caption as a statement of what is shown in the photo, and the year it will be after this year comes to an end. This is a haircut, it is going to be #2015. Simple. That particular reading was strengthened by Leto's follow-up Christmas day Instagram post:

"One more time....MERRY XMAS!!! Hope you're having fun out there around the world. Xoxoxo," he wrote, with long hair and a big beard.

Hmm. Might Jared Leto get a haircut?

The answer is maybe.

But if he's going to, I'll tell you what:

He certainly hasn't yet.

[image via Getty]