Louis Tomlinson had sex with a woman once—it’s true. He said so on live television.

One Direction performed on Good Morning America this morning and, once the band left the stage, GMA contributor (I guess) Michael Strahan congratulated Tomlinson on his supposed impregnation, about which not a single member of One Direction has spoken a public word.

Via Us Weekly:

“Louis, from one father to another I want to congratulate you on your upcoming fatherhood. So how are you feeling?” Strahan, 43, asked.

“Thank you,” Tomlinson, 23. “Obviously it’s a very exciting time. So thank you.”

Oh shit, Michael Strahan.

Was Strahan ignorant to the fact that no One Direction member had, until that moment, publicly confirmed Louis Tomlinson’s supposed impregnation? Was Strahan ignorant to the fact that everyone assumed they were all most likely waiting on some sort of blood test? Was Strahan ignorant to nothing, nothing at all—did he know full well that he was getting literally the scoop of a lifetime, oh my god, we’re SCREAMING?

I don’t know.

Hats off to you, Michael Strahan. You’re charming on Live! With Kelly and Michael.

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