The late Meek Mill, who passed away Wednesday as a result of getting bodied by Drake’s “Back to Back” diss track, continues to talk shit about Drake from beyond the grave. His rebuttal song, released Thursday, was generally viewed as soft and wack, but Ghost Meek did score one good hit: What’s this about Drake getting pissed on in a movie theater?

“You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater, nigga, we ain’t forget.”

Indeed? Indeed, sayeth Thirty Mile Zone, which reports the peeing went down in 2010, when Drake hit up a private Sony screening of “Takers,” starring T.I. Everyone was allegedly intoxicated, and Drake ended up in a fight over a seat with one of T.I.’s childhood friends.

Drake wouldn’t move, so, allegedly, T.I.’s childhood friend peed on him. Just totally normal dude stuff. “We’re told Drake ran out of the theater, screaming ‘motherfucker,’” TMZ reports.

That’s funny—almost as funny as the time Drake exposed Meek Mill as a Twitter warrior and called him out for piggybacking on his girfriend’s world tour.

Ghost Meek continues to take shots at Drizzy on Instagram in the throes of rigor mortis, even as his followers tell him to requiescat in pacem. This is a very sad rap beef.

[h/t TMZ]