The superhero everyone loves to completely ignore is definitely going to be in the upcoming Justice League movie, and he may be played by Matt Damon. Yes, we may have to sit through Jason Bourne chatting telepathically with dolphins.

The movie, to be directed by Zack Snyder, is set to be released some time after the Ben Affleck/Henry Cavill vehicle Batman vs. Superman. So it's the perfect time to discuss wild casting rumors! The Wrap reports that Damon is "being sought" to play Aquaman. Affleck and Damon together again...this time in spandex. It's the stuff of your weirdest NyQuil-induced dreams.

Of course, Damon isn't the only one in talks for the role. If producers go in a completely different direction, Jason Momoa could play the king of Atlantis. (And now all those millions of Aquaman fans are struggling to cope with the idea of Khal Drogo bending sea creatures to his will.)

Whoever ends up being cast, though, it will be a while before anyone sees the results. The movie isn't set to be released for another three or four years.

[Image via AP, H/T Uproxx]