As a result of shared physical and emotional attraction, Calvin Harris, Scottish DJ, (not pictured), and Taylor Swift have been involved in a romantic relationship since early summer. Harris’s recent, relaxing trip to a Thai massage parlor may have changed that, however.

While Harris’s trip to a Thai massage parlor was in NO way a material breach of contract wherein Party B is prohibited from engaging in public activities [not limited to: CHEATING; SOLICITING PROSTITUTES; DRUG USE] that might damage the reputation of or bring negative attention to Party A, Radar Online reports Party A has “dumped” Party B as a result.

In a slightly different spin on the alleged break-up, a source told Grazia magazine, via Metro, Harris was overwhelmed by the “circus” surrounding the couple’s love affair:

“Talk of them marrying freaked them both out, neither is ready and suddenly having all this speculation took its toll. Calvin has found the circus surrounding their relationship overwhelming,” the source said. “It was incredibly intense so they’ve taken a step back and are cooling things off.”

Of course Party B’s attempt to gain control of the narrative over the nonbreaching party is immaterial—they were simply two lovers in love, and now they are not.


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